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When Christ Comes

The World is Waiting for Us

Pastor Neil Eaton gives an uplifting talk describing what the world needs to hear from Christians in the midst of crisis.


Pastor Neil Eaton kicks off 2020 with this first talk in the Reclaimed series. Discover what it means to reclaim your love of God.


Myles Uva closes out the decade with this powerful and  life-altering talk on what it means to truly know Jesus.

Born is the King

New Hope's 2019 Christmas series with uplifting messages reminding us what Jesus was born for.

The Time is Now

What would you sacrifice if it meant impacting others for Christ? Pastor Neil discusses just that as New Hope Chapel launches their Capital Campaign with a vision to build a new facility.

You Are Loved

Summer series with encouraging messages about how we can reach those around us.


Gene McGuire shares his powerful testimony of freedom through Christ.

Mother's Day

Mother and daughter, Gail Eaton and Kim Amos, bring a dynamic Mother's Day message encouraging everyone to be filled with the Holy Spirit and to remain encouraged through all of life's trials.

Easter 2019

Discover the peace encountered in Jesus' presence through Pastor Neil Eaton's encouraging Easter Sunday talk.