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Jun 02, 2019 | Pastor Neil Eaton

Value Other People

    Value Other People

     In This Talk: Dynamic Scripture Reading | 1 Samuel 26 (1:17) David went through three tests on his way to becoming king of Israel. He had to overcome his natural human instinct to exact revenge and instead, view his enemies the way God viewed them- as valuable. God is asking us to do the same. We are called to value and honor everyone- even those that don’t value us. (20:06) Are you passing your test? Are there people you’ve tucked away in your heart and refused to forgive? People you still harbor bitterness towards? The Lord challenges each of us to value those people and, in turn, forgive them. (22:19) The reality is, people devalue one another all the time. However, as a church, we refuse to go along with the status quo. We will not be like the world. We will not stand idly by. Because we value everyone, we will do whatever we can to come alongside others and show them they are loved. (24:49) You are valuable to God. In order to value other people, you must first understand that you are valuable and precious in God’s sight. Christ showed us this through His death on the cross. (29:20) People are valuable to God. Jesus died on the cross because he valued everyone so highly. He saw us as worth of giving up His life. (35:42) Value other people. Just do it. See others the way Jesus sees them. (41:12) Four ways we can add value to other people’s lives. (44:03)

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    "Thy Kingdom Come" series -  On 1 Samuel